Explore life within through your breath

The art of breathing well is subtle but not complicated. It is our foundation to maintain health and find (again) peace that is already in us.

Breathing, movement, meditation 😉


That’s how we like to live here. In the privacy of our bodies and mind and into the arms of the marvelous sea and mother Earth. Immerse yourself in the letting go. Open up. Diving in the blue. Glide. Feel. Free yourself. Fully engage in appeasement.

Breathing is our invaluable best ally in achieving this.

On land as in water, yoga as apnea, bring their precious magical powers, magnificent schools of life. Schools of “letting go”? Let everything go and it works! Experimenting with your body. Dive deep into your concentration. Attention to its maximum. Day after day explore the paths of muscular relaxation and general healing. What beautiful gifts they teach us !.

Attention. Presence. Peace. Self-Confidence. Self-love … Love.

Hello, my name is Lili. I accompany you on this wonderful journey.
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